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Responsible Gaming

Dark Horse strives to be responsible corporate citizens and provide a positive gaming experience. While most of our customers enjoy pari-mutuel wagering as a form of entertainment, a small percentage may experience problems. To assist our customers, we will provide our staff with training in prevention policies and procedures. Dark Horse will:

  • comply with all laws and regulations and provide a secure gaming environment;
  • provide information to customers on responsible gaming;
  • respect our customers and provide assistance to the customer who may be experiencing problems;
  • promote responsible gambling policies, practices and procedures within the horse racing industry.



Players now have the option to set their own weekly deposit limits directly on the Dark Horse app. The deposit limits can be set in any whole dollar denomination between $0.00 and $999,999.00.

By setting a deposit limit, a player has full control over their spending. A player must wait a 24 hour period before any changes to the weekly deposit limit take effect. All changes must be made by the customer online, an Dark Horse customer support agent cannot set or edit deposit limits on behalf of the customer.

Please note that when setting a weekly limit this will include any deposits made in the preceding 6 days and may prevent you from making a further deposit until the sum deposited in the past 6 days is less than the limit you set. An Dark Horse customer support agent will be happy to provide any further information required but are unable to override limits set by customers. For more information please contact the Dark Horse Support Centre toll free at 1-833-675-3275 (DARK) or locally at 416-675-3000.