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Discover QUBE

With Dark Horse, you’re betting against other players around the world.
But you’ve got an advantage: QUBE, our AI-powered algorithm. QUBE analyzes statistics from thousands of races across North America, from track conditions to a horse’s performance to the jockey’s track record. Then it serves it all back to you, making it easy for you to make smarter bets – and win more often. Learn how QUBE helps you choose races, pick horses and execute your bet strategy.

Race insights

Want to know more about the race before you bet into it?

Dark Horse evaluates every race and shares these insights to help you select the races that are right for you. You’ll get:

  • Estimated pool amount: The race’s estimated pool amount
  • Risk level: Determined by the number of horses competing and each runner’s past performance
  • Win potential: Your potential win if you pick the winning horses. Pick well in higher‐risk races and you stand to pocket more
  • Strategy pricing: Indicates whether a track is more or less expensive to bet on. Some tracks require a larger minimum bet to achieve the same strategy and spread


This isn’t guess work. It’s informed betting. And it’s just the edge you’re looking for to pull ahead of the field.

QUBE Picks

QUBE crunches statistics and information from expert sources to make promising picks.

You can also get a read on how confident QUBE is for each race. The higher the rating, the greater QUBE’s confidence in predicting the first four finishers in every race.

Want to make your own picks? Done. Dark Horse has all the data and insights you need right in the app!

Strategic Betting

Winning isn’t about the moneyline. Or trifectas, exactas and superfectas. It isn’t even about the best horses. It’s about making the best bets.

Our algorithm gives you multiple strategies that spread your bet amounts across a portfolio that’s optimized for your highest win potential. Strategies implement common betting patterns used by professionals to win on races. Now the power of this knowledge is in your hands!

Dark Horse will give you a recommendation for the best strategy for that particular race… But don’t be afraid to follow your gut! Strategies are also optimized in real‐time to give you the best betting outcome ‐ right up until you place your bet.

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